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  19.02.2018 Wetter Ostsee

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History Of Boarding in Namibia:

Locals and holiday makers to the Namibian coast have been boarding on these dunes for years. In 1995, Frenus Rorich of the Alternative Space backpackers lodge got the idea to take his guests to the dunes for a bit of fun in the sand using masonite boards for lie down boarding. Word spread that sandboarding trips were available in Swakopmund and from there Chris Jason and Beth Sarro formed Alter-Action CC, the first professional sandboarding operation on the Namibian Coast. With time and experience, Alter-Action developed the safest and most effective method of sliding on the dunes. The "perfect" sandboarding dune was chosen- a star dune with six different faces and a towering height of 100 meters. The dune is located approximately 11 km from Swakopmund. (5 KMs as the crow flies.) Three years after the formation of Alter-Action, the company introduced Stand Up Boarding. Alter-Action cc is the first sandboarding operation in Namibia to use proper snowboards to teach people boarding on the dunes.














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